An unctuous Syrah blend. This light to medium bodied red is very smooth and maintains a long finish.  A little velvety, a little smokey, well-balanced and dry. A perfect year-long red, La Vieille Cave is great for heavier meals, meats and your usual cheeses. Chill for ten minutes on warm days. Varietals: Syrah 60% • […]


A well-balanced blend of Cinsault, Syrah and Mourvedre with a bold color and delightful berry aroma, this wine is perfect all year round. Delicious on its own, Le Poisson Rosé pairs wonderfully with spicy dishes, pastas, couscous and baked fish. Serve chilled. Varietals: Cinsault 50% • Syrah 20% Mourvedre 20% • Monique 10% Alcohol Content: 12.0˚


This supple Grenache blend is an elegant and delicate blush wine which pairs best with oysters, ceviches, seafood platters and  fish tartares. Le Poisson Gris is light in body and color, and very refreshing. Serve chilled. Varietals: Grenache 70% • Cinsault 20% • Mourvedre 10% Alcohol Content: 12.0˚

4 Reasons Why White Wine is Good

The skins of grapes contain high levels of antioxidants, compounds that provide beneficial health effects. The wine that provides the most health benefits is red because the skins are included in its processing. The grape skins are removed when white wine is processed, which decreases its medicinal benefits. The grape itself also contains nutrients and […]

8 Reasons Why You Will Love Red Wine

1. Lower Your Cholesterol High-fiber Tempranillo red grapes—which are used to make certain red wines, like Rioja—may actually have a significant effect on cholesterol levels, according to a study from the University of Madrid in Spain. Healthy study participants who consumed the same grape supplement found in red wine saw their LDL, or “bad cholesterol,” levels […]


A fresh and light Chardonnay blended with Sauvignon Blanc for a crisp, clean taste and pleasant citrus finish. Le Poisson Blanc is a dry, year-long favorite which pairs beautifully with salads, lean meats such as chicken or grilled fish, creamy pastas and light desserts. Serve chilled. Varietals: Chardonnay 80% • Sauvignon Blanc 20% Alcohol Content: 12.0˚